Over the course of his career, Doug Garnett has participated in some of the leading innovations of our time. With degrees in mathematics, Doug started in space exploration and defense then explored the microprocessor revolution, visual human-computer interface design and supercomputers before shifting to advertising for consumer products.

Doug’s background has led to unique insights about consumer products and communication. For 25 years he has applied his vision to products ranging from satellite TV to hand tools and patio furniture; from Internet appliances and smart home tech to cookware coatings and automotive chemicals.

Through this work, Doug has discovered three truths about the challenges facing companies generating brand and financial returns on innovative products:

  1. Innovative products aren’t delivering enough ROI power. There is frustration in the C-suite that high innovation investment too often delivers mediocre returns. It’s no surprise. Without specialized marketing of innovation, there’s no hope to get the market impact innovation should deliver.
  2. While innovation literature focuses on the process of invention, it is exceptionally weak when it comes to marketing for that innovation – especially considering consumer markets. Innovation books may lay out the process leading up to product releases, but they leave out the human marketing elements like exploratory consumer research, distribution channels and communication – critical keys to innovation.
  3. Marketing existing products doesn’t teach marketers what should be done for innovative products. The vast majority of work in a marketing department surrounds existing products and refinements to those products. So, when it comes to innovations, too often companies fall back on “business as usual marketing”. The result? The innovations under-deliver in the market. It’s no surprise. Innovative products need unique marketing if they are to drive the return on innovation that they should.

Doug Garnett founded Protonik, LLC in 2018 to help clients increase their innovation ROI with marketing. Prior to founding Protonik, Doug ran Atomic Direct – the ad agency he founded in 1998 which used product based advertising to build brand while selling products in the home, hardware, and automotive markets.

Beyond his blog, Doug writes for a range of publications and speaks to industry audiences about advertising, innovation, and new products. He spent 12 years as an adjunct instructor of general advertising in the School of Business Admin at Portland State University. Among other roles, Doug is a BrainTrust member at RetailWire.com and a 2018 Top Writer at Quora.com. His first book, “Building Brand with Direct Response Television” was released in 2011.

To book Doug for an industry or company lecture, visit the “Request Lecture” page.

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